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Come to the party when TALL SHIPS® RETURN to Toronto’s Waterfront, June 20-23, 2013. Make plans to join us at the Redpath Waterfront Festival for the official launch of the TALL SHIPS® 1812 Tour. Toronto will be the only port to host the full fleet of ships as they travel throughout Ontario during this pan provincial event to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Toronto is also proud to be the launch port of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes 2013 – a Tall Ships America® initiative.

Toronto’s unique urban waterfront will be the best place to get on board and tour the international fleet of majestic ships that will grace our inner harbour. Enjoy the music, food, dance and a host of other great activities for adults, kids, families and lovers of all things nautical that will be part of the celebrations this year.

The excitement begins at the Opening Ceremonies and will carry on throughout the weekend until the Parade of Sail finale on Sunday.



The circus is back in town!

It's time again for the Toronto International Circus Festival! This Victoria Day weekend, dazzling daredevils, amazing acrobats, hilarious buskers and more take over our site.

HarbourKIDS is Harbourfront Centre's family programme designed to inspire imagination and creativity in kids under 12, by exploring contemporary arts and culture from a kid-centric point of view.

The Sweet Variety of Circus featuring Balanzo! Balanzo! is the last surviving member of the legendary Royal Balanzo Family, a troupe of legendary circus performers!

The Sweet Variety of Circus featuring Tim Holland ≠ Puppet Tamer! Through cheap trickery and genuine magic, master ventriloquist Tim Holland convinces the audience of the dangers inherent in the taming of ferocious and uncooperative puppets.

The Sweet Variety of Circus featuring Greg Tarlin This former Canadian juggling champion can juggle just about anything. Donπt get too close, or he just might juggle you!

The Sweet Variety of Circus featuring Steve Elvay's Magic Show A fast-paced and visual extravaganza of expertly interlaced family friendly comedy, mystifying magic and playful audience participation!

The Sweet Variety of Circus featuring the National Circus School Class is in session for the only school to provide advanced circus arts training in North America!

May 24th Harbourfront Centre


A Brimful of Asha - (Local Theater Reviewed)
A Brimful of Asha

Don Vally Parkway Overpass Becomes a Park

The Don Valley Parkway has often been cited as an eye-sore for the Toronto waterfront. However there is hope for those who do not list themselves as fans of this overpass. The municipal government began a development project this past May to turn the barren area under the Don Valley overpass into a park. Finance Minister Joe Flaherty says it will in create opportunities for business by further raising the value of the surrounding properties. -- more

Three Exhibits Unveiled at The Power Plant

Fifty pocket-sized, blue books hang in a perfect square from the ceiling of a large, white room. Beneath, people push three rolling ladders from book to book. They climb up, tilt their heads sideways, open the pages and read.  This was one of the scenes at The Power Plant’s fall season opening party. The art gallery, located beside the Harbourfront Centre, unveiled three new exhibitions and a commissioned artwork. “All three exhibitions, while separate projects by artists from different parts of the world, collectively consider narrative mutability,” said The Power Plant in a press release. Toronto-based artist Derek Sullivan was - more

DK Hellraizer Barrett

grew up in London England. It was there that his interest in music began as a child when he started rapping in church. DK played in a couple bands through his adolescence but it wasn’t until he moved to Kingston, Ontario when he was 18 that he really came to pursue his music. It was there that DK worked with Shawn Kazper Gardiner and his partner Abyss in the local group Nasty Class Productions. During this time Kazper and DK released an explicit mixed tape aimed at “enemies and friends.” Since then, DK has spent time in Montreal and Hamilton. He teamed up with Kevin Spencer, founder of pure focus entertainment, who teamed DK up with Pure Fire (producer/engineer). DK was featured in Pure Fire’s compilation The Mixtape in 3d, for Groove Thing. DK’s new album, “The Possession” is a project he has wanted to do since his time in Kingston. He explains that it is a description of how a man and the world can become possessed. It is a commentary of what people will live and die for just to have “more.” More importantly, what some people lose so others can have money. The album is best listened to as a whole, in order for a better understanding of the work. It deals with events going in the world as well as in DK’s own life.

CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution

celebrates the launch of its 6th annual CaribbeanTales Toronto Film Showcase during Toronto International Film Festival, at Harbourfront Centre’s Lakeside Terrace with a Trini-style opening “fete”. That evening, CaribbeanTales will honour Toronto International Film Festival Co-Director Cameron Bailey for his contribution and dedication to the Caribbean film industry. MORE


Miss Toronto Linked to bigger pic by imagelibrary.ca
Harbour News Was At The TIFF oppening party with Miss Toronto Tourism and Miss Canada Tourism - MORE (Video)


ONE DROP-an initiative of Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil-is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established on October 29, 2007, in Montreal. Water is essential to all life. And it starts with just ONE DROP. With access to safe water, communities can learn, build and flourish. That's why ONE DROP works from all angles to take safe water further. With its uniquely artistic approach -- MORE(Video)


The government is trying to ram through an anti-Internet set of electronic surveillance laws that will invade your privacy and cost you money. The plan is to force every phone and Internet provider to surrender our personal information to "authorities" without a warrant.

This bizarre legislation will create Internet surveillance that is:

Warrantless: A range of "authorities" will have the ability to invade the private lives of law-abiding Canadians and our families using wired Internet and mobile devices, without a warrant or any justification.

Invasive and Dangerous: The laws leave our personal and financial information less secure and more susceptible to cybercrime.

Costly: Internet services providers may be forced to install millions of dollars worth of spying technology and the cost will be passed down to YOU.

If enough of us speak out now the government will have no choice but to stop this mandatory online spying scheme. Sign the petition now, and forward it to everyone you know →

Events at the Harbour Front in TORONTO




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